Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Minneapolis, Minnesota • September 16 2020 On July 26, 2020, Ken Mills published his last post on Spark News, his daily news blog about public media. The reason he stopped publishing is that he experienced a sudden loss of visual acuity in his left eye, his only working eye. The vision loss was caused by a severe allergic reaction to new eye drops that were prescribed by his Ophthalmologist. The vision loss meant that Mills could no longer read text and data he previously used for his news reporting. . Mills has a complex vision situation. His right eye was injured in a routine surgery mishap in 2003. He became legally blind in his right eye. Since then, his sole source of vision is his left eye. The vision loss was so sudden that he had no way to tell his readers what happened. Mills is now learning to use accessibility devices and software. These tools are very helpful, but they require a steep learning curve. Mills plans to continue his consulting work for public media clients, Including American Routes. Mills said this about his vision challenges: “I apologize to my readers for my lack of communication. The change happened without warning. For several weeks I didn’t know what caused my vision loss or how I should cope with it. I intend to continue working in public media and my spirit is strong. I deeply miss writing and publishing Spark News.” Contact Ken Mills at 612-819-8456 or

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