Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Sometimes I see a job posting and think wow that is a great idea.  That is certainly true of two new gigs recently posted by WUNC-FM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The goal is increased coverage of military and veteran’s issues.

The new initiative is joint project of WUNC, KPCC-FM, Pasadena and KUOW Seattle. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is providing the lead funding.

According to Brent Wolfe, News Director at WUNC, the reporter will be based in Fayetteville, the home of Fort Bragg.  The editor will be based at WUNC’s Durham studios.  Reporter positions will also be created at KPCC and KUOW.  The reporters and editor will work in tandem on stories.

 Brent Wolfe, WUNC

Wolfe says of the new initiative: We think veterans and active duty military are often praised but also easily misunderstood. We hope to reflect their experiences and stories to our audiences during this critical time for the military and the country.

Domestic coverage of the military and veterans have always been important but recent developments have increased the urgency of the work.  These jobs are tremendous opportunities to expand public radio’s coverage and provide vital information for listeners.

If you want to know the importance of Defense in North Carolina consider the this map of military installations in the state:

Please join me in urging qualified folks to apply. More information is at:

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