Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Yesterday I posted an open email message I sent to London-based digital and broadcasting consultant James Cridland.  On Monday 2/23/15 Cridland said this in his weekly e-newsletter:

Ragtag of nonsense about HD Radio. Still, whoever wrote this can keep the DAB haters company. Tip: if there's a technological solution to making radio better, embrace it. Thank people for trying. Don't "do a Ramsey" and blindly slag it off
Here is Cridland’s reply to my message and my comments:

KEN SAYS: Dude, your reply message to me starts with a personal insult.  Here are your replies and my comments about four questions I asked you:

KEN SAYS: To me, saying somebody’s views are “a ragtag of nonsense” is an insult. You frequently use the term “hate.” I recommend you retire this kind of verbiage because it seems childish.

KEN SAYS: [Full disclosure: Mark Ramsey is a friend of mine.] From what I’ve seen and heard, Ramsey is a respected consultant and commentator. I don’t always agree with his analysis but I always listen to him.

KEN SAYS: I can’t accept this explanation. You seem to take things very personally and react with anger.

KEN SAYS: I appreciate your acknowledgement that you “don’t know enough about the US ratings system.”  You might want to come up to speed on Nielsen Audio’s inclusion criteria.  HD channels are tracked like AM, FM and streaming audio.  If a station doesn’t show up in “the book” it means it doesn’t have many listeners.

KEN SAYS: I disagree – your comments are harsh and personal.  Thank you for letting me know that you do not mediate much of the information that appears on your site. You should tell your readers that you publish “raw” press releases without concern for the truthfulness of the content.

KEN SAYS: You seem obsessed with “haters.” Maybe I am on your list now.  I know I am in good company.

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