Thursday, July 23, 2015


I love it when the numbers for the smaller markets are released. I started my broadcasting work in Sioux Falls (then Arbitron market #208) – one book a year.  The report came in the mail – a white package that looked like a legal document.

The GM and/or the PD would open the package and distribute copies of the report around the room.  Pages turned at a fast pace.  Then, a groan, a cheer, a oh shittttt – the whole range of emotions. Someone asks the PD: How did we do?

Now, let’s do the numbers.

Memo to Jeanne Fischer: Put WRUR on an HD2 and then repeat it on an FM translator.

WRVO has done an awesome job over the years of becoming the biggest NPR News player in Syracuse.  However, it appears WAER also is letting them have it. Classical WCNY doesn’t appear because they don’t buy the data.

Albany is an excellent public media city/area.  WAMC and WMHT have had strong local support for many years.  You’ve got to love feisty WEXT The Exit growing their number of weekly listeners. Quite a few folks like their news with maple syrup, Vermont Public Radio style.
WVTF, Roanoke blankets Charlottesville with a full power repeater.  Triple A WNRN is on my short-list of the Best Community Stations In the Nation.

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