Monday, October 19, 2015


This week college faculty, advisers, students and media professionals will gather in Minneapolis for College Broadcasters, Inc. (CBI) National Student Electronic Media Convention (NSEMC). According to the organizers, it is America’s only convention dedicated exclusively to the interests of student TV/video outlets, radio stations, webcasters, and convergent media. The NSEMC will be held Thursday 10/22 through Saturday 10/24 at the Hyatt Regency.

CBI has assembled a fascinating line up of speakers and panelists. I have never attended the NSEMC but I have always wanted to.  I appreciate CBI for making press credentials available to me.

The NSEMC features a two-day trade show, three days of interactive sessions led by broadcast professionals and student media advisers, a keynote address, and a special closing event with the presentation of the National Student Production Awards on Saturday 10/24.

You can see the full NSEMC schedule here [link].  These are some of the sessions I hope to attend:

Millie De Chirico
Programming in the On-Demand Age
Thursday, 4 pm

With so many options available, listeners and viewers need to make a strong connection to your programming to stay interested. The choices you make and the overall tone of your station will shape your audience involvement and keep them coming back for more.


This will be a continuation of the conversation with Fred Jacobs and Jim McGuinn we featured last Friday [link]. The panel will discuss, among other things, the differences between on-demand Lean Forward media versus Lean Back curated media. I am particularly looking forward to meeting Millie De Chirico from Turner Classical Movies (TCM).  She was behind TCM’s late night Underground film series that has kept me up late many times.

Clinton Forry
 Keynote Presentation: Clear, Concise and Compelling: Use Content Strategy to Better Tell Your Story
Saturday, 2 pm

The communications landscape is complicated. Hours of video, piles of animated gifs, and status update after status update—these things make it hard for anyone to get their message across. In this session, you’ll find out how to use new-school media to bring the old school media to life. You’ll get tips and best practices from someone that spent nine years at Public Radio International, several years at a Fortune 250 company, and time at advertising agencies focused on content. Learn about focusing your message, creating online content sustainably, and how to make sure that it’s doing what you want.

Clinton Forry, Vice President, Content Strategy at Weber Shandwick

Jennifer Waits
College Radio is Older than you Think: Celebrating College Radio History
Thursday, 11 am

 The first college radio stations started in the United States in the 1920s, but most stations know little about their own history. On this panel we will share historical tidbits and offer advice for stations that want to embark on archiving and history projects. Attendees will hear stories from stations that have held events, created exhibitions, and have built college radio history websites.

Jennifer is my favorite writer at Radio Survivor. We featured WPRB and Michael Lupica in August [link]. 

Doug Mitchell
All week

CBI partners with Minnesota Public Radio and NPR to sponsor the Next Generation Radio Project. During the week, selected students work with and learn from news reporters, producers and editors. 

Next Generation Radio graduates have gone on to notable careers in public and commercial, media. It is a digital-first, multimedia journalism and professional development project for undergraduate and graduate students who are focused on journalism and broadcast media.

Doug Mitchell, Consultant/Project Manager, NPR

Kate Moos

LGBTQ in Broadcasting Discussion
Thursday, 9 am

Diversity in the workplace means more than race. Even with recent events, there are still times in your career where you may encounter challenges based on your sexuality and/or gender identity. Learn how to thrive in the workplace from LGBTQ broadcast and media pros.

Please say hello if you see me at the NSEMC later this week.

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  1. I love going to CBI. Unfortunately my conference budget only had enough room for NAB this FY, and it turns out I'm slamming on my AoIP Migration project at RIPR, so I can't go. But you will have a great time, Ken. It's a really well-run conference and the amazing thing is that each year, no matter how good the previous year was, it just gets even better. These folks do a really nice job of recognizing that college radio can, and should, be a really fun thing for students to do...but there's a hefty dose of practicality on display at all corners.