Monday, January 4, 2016


A turbulent period in Mary Lucia’s life ended when a District Judge sentenced her stalker to 270 days in jail, probation, a five-year restraining order and restitution of over $9,000.00. Lucia returned to her shift at 89.3 The Current recently after a seven-mouth leave of absence. Her first song was Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down.

We are not identifying the stalker’s name because his 15-minutes of fame are over. The stalker was a 56-year old suburban man who didn’t appear to have much of life.  He was in his own fantasy world based on the confused notion that he knew a woman named Mary, whose voice came out of his speakers. He thought she played songs just for him.

It was Mary’s kindness that kicked him into the crazy zone. She received an email from a listener saying his dog had died and she replied with condolences and good wishes. Stations encourage hosts to reply to listeners, something Mary did all time. The stalker was different than most listeners.  He became a shadow of her life – emails, calls, gifts at home and work. The messages became creepier and creepier.

She and American Public Media did everything they could to stop him including a restraining order.  Mary’s life became filled with fear and dread, never knowing what to expect next.


At the sentencing on December 31, 2015, Lucia made her victim’s impact statement.  Her brother Paul Westerberg and others were there for support. She told the court about the feeling of powerlessness and panic that were every moment for almost a year.

Backstage at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. L-R Diane Richards, Paul & Mary.

I'm amazed by her resilience. I heard several on-air tributes to Mary on Twin Cities radio and TV. Mary Lucia is beloved in this town.

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