Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Following the advice of Robert Frost, today we look north to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Three public radio noncommercial broadcasters control most of the estimated Nielsen Audio listening. Maine Public Broadcasting, New Hampshire Public Radio and Vermont Public are all community-based operations. All three have traditions of excellence in programming and community service. Scroll down to see all of the Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont markets.

I am not seeing a conclusive trend in this one-year comparison of weekly cumulative listeners, except that folks seem to be choosing local stations a bit more often.

Turn your attention to WMPG, Portland, one of the few wildcards in the market. WMPG seems to be stuck in the old-school Pacifica gear – self-imposed smallness. Too bad because they are missing opportunities to thrive.

The only other noncoms that likely have significant listening are repeaters of Walmart of CCM – K-Love.

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