Friday, March 18, 2016


February 2016 is looking like a very good month for Classical stations, particularly compared with February 2015. According Nielsen Audio PPM data all five fulltime Classical stations in the six markets profiled today, the estimated number of weekly cumulative listeners went up over the past year.

Leading the way is WDAV in Charlotte – up 34% in the estimated number of weekly listeners. Bravo to Frank Dominguez & company!   

KBAQ in Phoenix increased their weekly listeners by 30%.  Also KQAC in Portland is up 20%; WCLV in Cleveland is up 19%; and WBJC in Baltimore is up 8%. This is terrific news for Classical music fans.

Meanwhile the “election bump” continues for NPR News stations.  Eight of the 10 News stations tracked today have increased their weekly listeners in the past year. WCPN in Cleveland had 22% more weekly listeners in February 2016 compared to February 2015.

Scroll down to see all six markets and analysis. Not all subscribing stations are shown because RRC is finalizing paperwork with some clients due to RRC new four-year deal with Nielsen.


Mixed Classical and Jazz WRCJ – Classical Days, Jazzy Nights – had a 22% drop in weekly listeners.  Without seeing hour-by-hour data we can’t say if Classical dropped more than Jazz or vice versa.  WUOM has many more listeners than what is shown in Detroit, particularly in Grand Rapids where they dominate the market.

United Farm Workers amazing KNAI added almost 100,000 new weekly listeners in the past year.  Check out this gutsy, appealing noncom station at [link]. 

 Both NPR News stations serving Baltimore increased weekly listeners. CCM leader WGTS also added estimated weekly listeners.

In Portland, only Jazz KMHD had fewer weekly listeners over the past year, declining 9%.

All four Charlotte area stations gained.  Note the 47% gain by South Carolina Public Radio’s WNSC. I’m certain Dale Spear at WFAE is watching this trend.

In Cleveland both of ideastream’s radio stations – WCPN and WCLV – we up.  WKSU was one of two NPR News stations that had a decline in weekly listeners.

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