Thursday, December 15, 2016


Texas NPR News stations are about to get the chance to air a second statewide talk and interview program. KERA, Dallas, is making its signature news/talk/interview show Think to Texas stations beginning January 2, 2017. It will be available live weekdays from 1pm – 2pm.

Think [link] joins KUT’s terrific weekday program Texas Standard [link] in statewide distribution. KERA’s move provides further evidence that the best new public radio programming is coming from stations and regional collaborations. The three major public radio networks have virtually no new programs in their pipelines.

As you know, Texas has a unique and deep sense of place. Some folks consider Texas to be a separate country within America. Both KERA and KUT are taking advantage of this phenomenon by super-serving Texas listeners. They are providing new services other stations should emulate.

Think is a two-hour program.  As of January, hour one from Noon to 1pm will be a local show on KERA.  The second hour, 1pm to 2pm will be available statewide. According to an article in Dallas Magazine [link], other Texas stations planning to air Think include KUT, KUHF in Houston, KSTX in San Antonio and KWBU in Waco.

KUT’s Texas Standard is now heard (see the map on the right) in at least 21 Texas markets stretching from El Paso to Beaumont and Lubbock to Corpus Christi. This is extraordinary visibility and confirms the appeal of Texas homegrown programming for Texas stations. 

Both programs are part of the Texas Station Collaborative, a Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) supported initiative. The initiative is designed to connect the newsrooms of the state’s four largest public radio stations: KERA in North Texas, KUT in Austin, Texas Public Radio in San Antonio and Houston Public Media. (Thank you Bruce Theriault.)

Krys Boyd

Think’s host and managing editor Krys Boyd, composed a Haiku message to celebrate the new statewide distribution:

Folks across Texas
DO care about big ideas.
Lines are open now.


One of public radio’s heritage Classical music stations, WHRO in Norfolk [link] is currently searching for a new classical music host. WHRO and sister NPR News station WHRV are considered innovative stations with a growing digital presence. 

WHRO is seeking an on-air host with a professional, conversational, warm and inviting style. WHRO is seeking a storyteller who strives more of an entertainer than a teacher.
For more information contact Heather Mazzoni at

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