Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Alan Chartock, President and CEO of WAMC/Northeast Public Radio in Albany, has been on the front lines of public media since 1981. 

Chartock is known as an opinionated fellow with a keen eye for political trends. 

He recently released his Fearless Predictions for 2017 in a letter to WAMC members [link].

Chartock is not optimistic about continued funding for CPB.  He predicts:

The new President will submit a budget that eliminates all radio funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. That will mean about $400,000 dollars out of the WAMC budget.

Chartock foresees a “perfect political storm” that may cut or eliminate a large number of government programs. Republican legislators are now compiling their “bucket list” of changes they want to happen. Federal funding for CPB is likely to be on the dis list.


Chartock cautions his readers that his predictions are things he doesn’t want to happen, things he wants to happen and things that will happen. It is left to the reader to decide which is the case for each of his predictions.

Below is the complete list. I have edited slightly Chartock’s verbiage for brevity and clarity:

• Donald Trump will be impeached by the House of Representatives and convicted in the Senate.

The grounds will be conclusive evidence of collusions with the Russians to fix the elections. His fate will be sealed because of the leadership in the Senate of six Republicans led by John McCain and Lindsay Graham. The senators will be honored as super patriots.

• WAMC will receive more contributions than ever before in its history.

Donors will say, “We can’t afford NOT to do this. The future of the country is dependent on the First Amendment. We can’t do without OUR radio station.”

• WAMC will lead a charge when NPR raises its rates.

Chartock says WAMC can pay more but he is concerned about the fate of all those other little stations that won’t be able to cut it. NPR will have to learn to live within its mean just as WAMC and every other station does.”

• A MAJOR foundation will decide it is time to make awards to NPR stations around the country.

The foundation President will say: This is where the best work is being done and we have to support it. NPR brass will not be pleased.

• Donald J. Trump will unleash a fierce attack on the First Amendment.

Trump will use his personal family resources to sue news organizations in spurious attacks about media reporting. He will literally bankrupt many of the news organizations that he attacks. The Washington Post will win several Pulitzer Prizes. The New York Times will win one.

• Mort Zuckerman will sell the New York Daily News.

• The New York Post will cease publication.

Chartock also includes several predictions that are deeply personal or appear to be local Albany topics:

• I will receive more anti-Semitic threats.

• Two WAMC staff members will become parents for the second time.

• Chartock will lay down the law to his beloved staff members who smoke.

• WAMC will be offered a huge incentive to move its operations to a suburban community.

However, Chartock will advise against taking the multi million-dollar offer because “Our work is here where the rainbow really shines.” Albany’s City government will become so concerned that WAMC will move out of Albany they will name the Central Avenue Intersection with Quail Street, “WAMC Square.”


Larry Monroe
For over three decades Larry Monroe made Austin radio sing. Monroe was the voice of alt-country, rockabilly and Americana music programs first at KUT and more recently KDRP. reported [link] that Monroe was taken to the hospital Friday morning (12/30/16) with respiratory problems. He died a short time later. He was 71.
Stewart Vanderwilt, GM of KUT, praised Monroe for his work at both stations:

“He was, and will always be a part of KUT’s music legacy. After 29 years at KUT, he extended his career and influence at KDRP. We share our condolences with his longtime partner, close friends and radio fans far and wide.”

He’s a legend, plain and simple.

A private burial service will take place in Hartford City, Indiana. A public memorial service in Austin is being planned. Details have not yet been finalized.

Monroe created and hosted programs such as Blue Monday, Segway City, Texas Radio, Phil Music and Folkways. Audio of several of Monroe’s programs is available at [link].

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