Friday, July 7, 2017


Public radio stations excel at bringing people to together for fun and wisdom. Today we are featuring three events this Saturday, July 8th that were created, in part, by noncommercial radio stations.

Check out these events if you are in Los Angeles, Duluth or Boston.  

LECTURE: Frances Anderton, Host of KCRW’S DnA: Design and Architecture

Frances Anderton
Image courtesy David Harry Stewart

KCRW and the Los Angeles Free School of Architecture (FSA) present a public lecture by Frances Anderton on her work in educating the public about architecture and urbanism. 

The event is scheduled for Saturday (7/8) from 3:00pm – 5:00pm at The Container Yard in the Los Angeles Arts District. 

Seating is limited. For more information send an email to:

Frances Anderton is deeply involved in two worlds: The study of design and the impact of structures on life and her desire to tell people about it on KCRW, Los Angeles.

She is the host DnA: Design and Architecture [link] a weekly radio show broadcast on KCRW, Santa Monica.
Anderton is an internationally known reporter and commentator on the function of public spaces and trends in architecture and design. 

She has written for the New York Times, Dwell magazine, and Architectural Review.

At KCRW, Anderton produced To The Point and Which Way, LA?, hosted by Warren Olney.

On Saturday she will be speaking about her new project in association with KCRW, Bridges and Walls, about the metaphorical and physical barriers shaping life in California today. The project is supported by the California Arts Council. She wrote this about the premise of Bridges and Walls:

Construction of the 405 freeway in the 1950s
A freeway connects at the same time as it walls off neighborhoods. 

High-speed rail connects cities even as it severs communities. Broadband connects us globally while enabling us to build digital walls. 

DnA is looking at examples of bridges, walls and the ways they connect and divide. What are the bridges and walls in your life?

More information about Bridges and Walls can be found here. 


We have written several times about Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current and its increased presence in the Duluth-Superior market. 

This Saturday, July 8th The Current spreads the love in person at Bayfront Festival Park from 4:30pm until after dark.

The concert features “a-list” Minnesota artists: Hippo Campus, Polica, (Duluth-based) Low, Jay Smart and Remo Drive. Hippo Campus from Minneapolis.  

Hippo Campus is getting extensive airplay on The Current

Some folks are calling them “the next big thing” from the scene that produced Bob Dylan, Price and Soul Asylum.

Tickets are $30.00. More information is available here.


This Saturday at 9:00pm The Moth will stage a battle of wits and words by ten StorySLAM finalists at the Emerson Cutler Majestic Theatre in Boston.

This will be a fierce, hilarious and heart breaking competition of wordsmiths telling tales of summer temperatures, hot experiences and crackling passion. The Heat is on!

More information is available here.

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