Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Somebody must have pushed the peddle to the metal at WNYC-FM in April because the station added around 200,000 weekly listeners compared to March. 

WNYC-FM was at a new high number of weekly cumulative listeners ln April.

WNYC-FM is now tied with WCBS-AM in average-quarter-hour (AQH) share. 

10-10 WINS saw their AQH drop 0.4 in April compared to March.

Nice to see WBGO have an upward trend in their April PPM.

May is the end of an era for WPLJ. 

The station will vanish from reality on May 31, 2019. 

If you are so inclined, drop by ‘PLJ [link] near the end of the month for rare archive clips.

On June 1, White Port Lemon Juice will be turned over to the God Squad for rehab.

Speaking of the God Squad, EMF’s LA K-Love franchise keeps gaining momentum. 

In the April Nielsen PPM numbers K-Love beat KCRW in both AQH and estimated weekly listeners.

As far as we are concerned, the biggest radio story in SoCal is commercial talk station KFI’s performance in attracting listeners to their audio stream. 

According to Nielsen, 12.7% of KFI’s weekly listeners hear the station via its online stream.

There are very, very few other stations anywhere in the US that are pulling 138,400 estimated weekly listeners. Please do us all a favor and go to KFI’s website [link] and see if you determine what makes KFI online so sticky.

Things are about the same in Chicago. We’ve heard the ice is off the lake now.

AAA WXRT had a near-record month in April with a 3.6 AQH share and 1,030,100 estimated weekly listeners.

The Cubs are doing well this year. 

If you go to Wrigley Field, try the Disco Fries and think of Steve Dahl.

In the Bay Area, April PPM ratings KQED remains the market’s top station in AQH share despite dropping 0.5 compared March. 

KCBS leads KQED in estimated weekly listeners.

We finally get to see how Pacifica’s KPFA is doing in the Nielsen PPM ratings. 

They haven’t subscribed to the ratings in quite a few years. 

It is sad to see Lew Hill’s innovative flagship station be the second-to-the-last station in the market. 

They probably would do better if they aired a 60-cycle tone.  But, first they would need have a meeting to talk about it.


Seth Resler
A tip of the hat to Seth Resler, Digital Dot Connector for Jacobs Media Strategies, for his excellent overview of digital best practices for maximum takeaway. Resler’s thoughts first appeared last Friday (5/10) on the JacoBlog [link].

Resler’s advice is intended for programmers who want to get to the heart of the digital matter. 

Resler sees digital consumer behavior as part of a big picture. 

In his post he looks at things  from a radio point of view. 

He uses four digital data points that are brilliant at the basics and wise in strategy.

1. Know the Number of Unique Website Visitors

Resler starts with the biggest picture: Know your total circulation. In much the same way your look at your station’s estimated weekly listeners from Nielsen, know the size of your digital audience.

Build a custom database and remind yourself to check how many unique individuals visit the site periodically. Keep track of trends and look for changes over various periods of time.

Resler recommends keeping track of where traffic is coming from and which pages draw the most interest.

2. Know the Number of Email Addresses in your Database

According to Resler, emails are more important than social media “likes” because they are more direct and personal. Your email lists are important, so keep them current. Resler recommends keeping track of your Open Rate, Bounce Rate, and Unsubscribe Rate.

3. Know Total Streaming Hours

When you know the size and scope of the online visitors, concentrate on their behavior when they are visiting your site. Resler says one of the most important actions a visitor to your website can take is clicking on the “Listen Now” button and play your station’s audio stream. Metrics are also available for listening via mobile apps, smart speakers or outside venders such as TuneIn and iHeartRadio.

4. Know the Number of Mobile App Installations

Keep track of how many people have downloaded your station’s app. Look for the number of sessions, the duration and frequency.

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