Monday, October 27, 2014


The groovy folks at KUT in Austin are about to debut TEXAS STANDARD – a crisp, up-to-the-moment daily news program from a uniquely Texas perspective.  

TEXAS STANDARD is currently looking for an Associate Producer-Director and a Segment Producer.  Here are the links to the job descriptions:

Associate Producer-Director
Segment Producer
One of the things I like the most about TEXAS STANDARD is how it is so in the moment. It is like you are listening to your own heartbeat.

Here is a two minute work-in-progress sample of TEXAS STANDARD:

TEXAS STANDARD is hosted by David Brown – a journalist who has the kindest bedside manner in the biz.  I first got to know David when he hosted news magazines at Monitor Radio and I was at PRI.  Then I worked with David on documentaries about Brazil and India commissioned by the Stanley Foundation in association with KQED. He raised the standard for everyone involved in the project. Now he is raising the Texas standard.

David Brown
Host, Texas Standard
Emily Donahue

News Director, KUT 
Executive Producer, Texas Standard

You can’t beat Austin as a place to live.  If you live and breathe telling true stories, making great audio and loves deadlines,
go for one of these gigs now.

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