Wednesday, November 19, 2014


In June 2014 Edison Research debuted SHARE OF EAR a study that provides the first consistent measurement of all audio consumption, including AM/FM radio stations, online radio stations, podcasts and even listeners’ own music collections.

SHARE OF EAR is important because it shows how numerous audio platforms compete with each other for listener’s audio “shelf space.” Edison’s Share of Ear results are from a nationally representative sample of 2,096 Americans ages 13+ who completed a 24-hour audio listening diary during May 2014.

The study reveals that Americans spend an average of 4 hours and 5 minutes each day consuming audio. More than 52% of that time goes to broadcast radio on all its various platforms.  This chart from Edison shows the top-line results:

Edison Research is led by Larry Rosin.  I’ve been reading Rosin’s stuff since the 1980s when he was with Bolton Research.  I was at Transtar Radio Network back then -- Bill Moyes made Rosin’s newsletters required reading.  He is one of the most perceptive people in the room and I recommend his blog:

Larry Rosin was a featured presenter at 2014 Public Radio Programing Conference.  His sessions included The Connected Car and Classical Listeners and the Infinite Dial – fascinating new research showing changes in classical music listener media usage. Here is Rosin speaking at the PRPC:
Share of Ear is available on a subscription basis. Subscribers include broadcasters, online audio distributors, agencies, investors, academicians, and lots of folks in the music business.

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