Thursday, November 20, 2014


KILI is located in the heart of the Great Sioux Nation and serves the Lakota people on the Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River, and Rosebud Indian Reservations near the Black Hills. Link:

I saw a story on the news last night involving the Keystone XL pipeline and opposition on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  They don’t want the pipeline to go through their land.  Many scenes in the story were in and around KILI.  I’ve been thinking of this valuable station all day today.

I feel a special kinship with KILI because I lived in the area in early 80s.  I owned and managed a commercial AOR station – KSQY “K-SKY” based in the notorious town of Deadwood. KSQY signed on in 1982 around the same time KILI did.  So I know the territory.

One of my most vibrant radio memories involves KILI.  In December 1982 I was driving with a friend across high plains when a sudden severe ground blizzard started up out of nowhere.  We were listening to KILI playing Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd.  Nice.

Then an announcer slowly potted down the music and said: 

We are having freaking freak blizzard here at KILI.  Power is out in the town and the water pumps quit.  We need someone to truck in some water so we can feed the babies.

Then he gently turned Pink Floyd back up.  Excellent public service.

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