Friday, November 21, 2014


Marcia Alvar, former head of PRPD, debuted the video below at the 2011 Public Radio Programming Conference.  It tells the history of the Public Radio Program Directors association and why PRPD has been so important in the amazing growth of public radio.

Marcia knows what she is talking about.  She was one of the so-called “gang of four” that created PRPD. From the very beginning, PRPD taught programmers to “think audience.”  This was a somewhat controversial notion at the time. Many station schedules were checkerboards with all types of programs – some great, some awful. The result was guaranteed to cause listeners to tune out.

Count on Jody Evans, the new PRPD CEO & Executive Director, to keep the organization vital in 2015 and beyond.

Video courtesy of the PRPD Knowledge Base 

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