Tuesday, January 27, 2015


In 2007 I published the KMA PUBLIC & NONCOMMERCIAL STATION DIRECTORY.  It runs 390 pages with dial guides, station and market profiles and hard to find stuff like station's gross annual revenue.

THE DIRECTORY has detailed listings for 1,158 noncom stations in over 250 markets. It includes every major program format: NPR News, Classical, Jazz, Triple A, College Rock and Christian Contemporary, plus niche formats like Gospel and Bluegrass.

Each listing in THE DIRECTORY has the station’s frequency, power, licensee, format and slogan.  Many station listings also include management contact information.

There were around 1,600 copies of THE DIRECTORY in circulation.  I sold about 1,200 and gave away the other 400 to reviewers, libraries and friends.  If nothing else, THE DIRECTORY is a snapshot in time – noncommercial radio broadcasting as it existed in 2007.

I don’t sell copies of the KMA PUBLIC & NONCOMMERCIAL STATION DIRECTORY because the information is dated – it was current in 2007.
But, it still is very useful for research and a “big picture” view of the noncom radio broadcasting landscape. Plus, it was put together by a guy loves and knows quite a bit about radio.

If you would like a free copy, please send me an email at publicradio@hotmail.com and put “Directory” in the subject line.  I’ll email THE DIRECTORY back to you.  No cost, no obligation, no hassle.

Here are some quotes from people who bought THE DIRECTORY in 2007:

This directory invaluable. The Spotlights are like listening to the stations. Barrett Golding, HearingVoices.com

I have the directory and it looks like a labor of love. I will certainly be using it as a reference in my reporting on radio in the months to come. Marc Fisher, The Washington Post

It's all really well done! Congratulations on creating a terrific resource.
Jeff Hansen, KUOW

It looks good, thanks, and I’ve made use of it already. Bill Thomas

I love it.  It’s a must-have. Craig Oliver, Consultant

Outstanding.  I wish I had done it!  Jim Duncan, Duncan’s American Radio

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