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I saw this editorial cartoon in the Santa Cruz Sentinel that sums up the current situation at KUSP, Santa Cruz:

The cartoonist’s message seems to be: We supported KUSP for years and now you are going to sell-out because you owe a lot of dough to NPR.

I see a different message.  Do you?  Here is my point: If you lived in Santa Cruz and could afford to financially support only one public radio station, would you choose KAZU or KUSP?


KAZU is flying above KUSP because what KAZU is doing works.  They provide reliable NPR News programming and excellent local coverage. They are here today and will be here tomorrow.


As the cartoonist depicts, KUSP is a Ship of Fools. The Radio Survivalists who govern the station have run it into the ground. Now, they promise more of same. Their plan is described at KUSP FORWARD [LINK] looks like a 1980 grant proposal full of aspirations, wishful thinking and NO DETAILS.  Here is a sample:

KUSP Forward is proposing the station adopt a vibrant, community‐based program model that celebrates the music, arts and local news, building on the great shows already on air and reflecting the uniqueness of our home communities. Financial stability will be achieved through scaled‐down efficiency, increased reliance on volunteers, and strong local support generated by more local connection.
Sounds nice but it is totally pataphysical, which the Urban Dictionary defines:

It is a parody of the theory and methods of modern science and is often expressed in nonsensical language. A practitioner of 'pataphysics is a 'pataphysician or a 'pataphysicist.

Would you give your money to a pataphysicist?


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Two things: First, remember that by moving to PRX, a show is offloading a lot of the cost of maintaining a highly reliable content path from the show to the the form of an enterprise-grade internet connection. Many pubradio stations are on college campuses and already have enterprise-grade internet, but not all. And those that need to provide it themselves (usually via fiber) often find it can be incredibly expensive; usually around $1000 to $2000/month. Second, shows have self-distributed on PRSS for many years. For the one- or two-hour once-a-week shows non-live/file-delivery shows, it's quite economical for all parties involved.

KEN: Thank you for this insight.  PRSS is a good choice for many program producers. I’m sure you didn’t mean to imply that PRX is not reliable. According to what I’ve heard, there have been very, very few problems with the PRX distribution system.


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My name is Maranda Harris and I'm the newest joint jock for KHIGH radio here in Colorado Springs. I just came across your Blog and wanted to say thank you for spreading such a positive message about our station. We are not promoting drug abuse but awareness and it is so great to know others support what we are doing. We are currently getting fcc transfer back to air to am but they've thrown fm as a possibility, either way we are not going anywhere!

KEN: I am glad to hear about the public service you are providing. Joint Jock – love it. My Joint Jock name is Ty Stick.

Readers have sent these Joint Jock name suggestions:

Bud Weed
Mary Jane Piper
Stony Baker

Your suggestions?

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