Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Folks working in classical music broadcasting, webcasting, events and outreach should be aware of a wonderful opportunity now available with the Station Resource Group’s (SRG) Classical Music Rising initiative. SRG is looking for a Project Director to lead a collaborative project with noncom classical stations that hopes to shape the future of classical music radio on all platforms.
 The Project Director will need to be an exceptional professional – someone who combines big-picture strategy and granular experience with classical music on radio and other companion media. The right person needs to be a convener, coach, manager and spokesperson. Perhaps most important is that the person be a visionary – someone who can chart the future and secure classical music’s role in public media.

SRG is being very flexible with the requirements for the gig. According to Tom Thomas at SRG, the Director may work either as a consultant or employee. The job is envisioned as a 75% time commitment. The Director likely can work in a location of his/her choice, including at a classical station. A full description of the project is available at
Folks with questions can contact Tom Thomas at SRG at
SRG says Classical Music Rising (CMR) is a two-year initiative in collaboration with WQXR, New York; KUSC, Los Angeles; KDFC, San Francisco; KING, Seattle and American Public Media. The project is funded by a $400,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and $100,000 from the five founding stations. The results will benefit all noncommercial classical stations.
The Mellon Foundation has been an important benefactor for classical music and public media since the public radio system began. CMR comes at an important time because of aging demographics, disruption from digital media, cutbacks by orchestras and cultural changes in society. Mellon’s support is coming at the right time.
Classical music listeners are important to all of public radio.  Edison Research says three out of every five public radio “P-1” listeners, the core audience so to speak, listen to classical music each month:
Source: Edison Research
Listeners over the age of 65 comprise the largest segment of classical listeners but younger segments also have significant listening:

Source: Edison Research
The performance of noncom classical music stations varies in the top thirty markets:
Enter Classical Music Rising. CMR will directly address the challenges and opportunities of disruption, technical change, isolation and organizational transition. CMR is designed to help stations support one another by strengthening the connective tissue of information, knowledge, and personal relationships. The Project Director can make a big difference!

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