Monday, April 13, 2020


Colorado Public Radio (CPR) has expanded AAA Indie 102.3 to Colorado Springs.  

Indie 102.3 will be on 102.1FM, a translator that CPR purchased in 2017 for $550,000. 

CPR originally repeated CPR News programming on the translator. 

CPR is also operates NPR News/Talk KRCC.

Now Indie 102.3 has city-grade coverage of the market (map for 102.1 is on the right). Colorado Springs (called “the Springs” by local folks) is Colorado’s second largest metro area with a population nearing 500,000.

As you probably know, the Springs is home to several major military facilities including the Air Force Academy and the NORAD Command Center inside Cheyenne Mountain.

CPR put KRCC’s evening music programs on hiatus to provide time for COVID-19 news coverage.

Jeff Bieri, CPR’s Program Manager for KRCC, explained the change on KRCC’s website [link]:

Bieri:Regularly scheduled [music] programs [on KRCC] have been disrupted. To give you an alternative to news, Colorado Public Radio and KRCC are broadcasting Indie 102.3 in Colorado Springs on 102.1 FM.”

“Indie 102.3 is not a replacement for KRCC music, but rather a music option for the community at this time when musical escape and companionship are important.” 

KEN SAYS: Though this change is timely, look for Indie 102.3 to be permanent fixture in the Springs.

There is no “intelligent rock” station in the market. Colorado Springs has lots of hip music fans, thanks in part to heritage commercial rock station KILO [link].

But KILO sounds very different than Indie 102.3. They are nationally known for hard, loud rock music.


To better understand public radio’s role in the COVID-19 crisis, Jacobs Media launched a “flash survey” to learn from listeners how their media choices may have changed.

PRPD and Jacobs are hosting a webinar this Thursday (4-16) at 2:00pm ET. The webinar is free and is open to all public media folks. To register for the webinar click here.

Jacobs is partnering with PRPD, NPR and 47 public radio stations. There were 16,000+ listeners who participated in the survey.

The webinar will reveal the survey’s topline findings, including the percentage of the audience in “stay at home” mode, their employment status, their feelings the economy, how much they are listening to radio, as well as consuming other media. The survey also probed how listeners feel about public radio fundraising at this critical time and what they are looking for from public radio during this crisis

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  1. You forgot about KILO's sister station KRXP aka RXP@103.9 which broadcasts a commercial Alternative format. Also of note is college radio station KEPC from Pikes Peak Community College, and iHeart Media's Rock station KBPL known on air as KBPI South which in spite of its Northern Colorado/Denver metro sister. KBPI South is also the Colorado Springs affiliate for the Denver Broncos.

    The Indie 102.3 relay will give fans of "Adult Rock" in the Colorado Springs a full time disciplined public radio Triple A format. Colorado Springs also has Classical music KCME and its HD2/translator Jazz 93.5.

    All this in spite of several sticks broadcasting Country, Contemporary Christian Music, or Christian Talk all of which has been a turn off to certain radio listeners in Colorado Springs.

    CPRNews did a piece about Vicky Gregor's (music corrector and KRCC Music presenter) current ten picks from local music artists, so in spite of the 102.1 FM translator (it rebroadcasts KXRE-AM 1490 and is the local full fledged licencee station in the CS market).

    CPR and KRCC say they are still committed to the music programming on KRCC based on this piece, and will return after the shutdowns in Colorado are lifted with plans to have "Neighbor Vicky" returning to host the main music programming weeknights from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.