Monday, November 24, 2014


I am a consultant who specializes in noncommercial radio and public media.  I’ve been doing this fulltime since 1997.  Over the years I’ve become familiar with a few other consultants whose work I admire. This is the second of an occasional series about THE CONSULTANTS.


The “go to” folks for all types of noncommercial stations seeking to maximize listener income are Roger and Elizabeth Gomoll at OnAirFundraising. Their roster of clients includes some of the most successful NPR and CCM stations.

Roger Gomoll learned the pledging trade at Minnesota Public Radio, The Development Exchange (now Greater Public) and Public Radio International.  He is a member of the influential NPR Distribution and Interconnection Committee.

Elizabeth Gomoll is a non-profit management specialist. Liz was Executive Director of the Rochester Symphony Orchestra & Chorale. She has consulted numerous organizations about fundraising, grants and potential partners.

I love their philosophy: MAKE EVERY WORD COUNT!

They totally get it – people need to like what they are hearing before they will pledge to a station. Rather than turn off listeners off with whining, pleading and unconvincing pledge breaks, OnAirFundraising provides the architecture, systems and expertise to motivate listeners to support a station. They don’t waste the listener’s time because they make every word count.  Brilliant.

Roger and Liz focus on the fundamental promise that makes noncommercial radio work: That if the listener values the programming enough, they will support it. But they have to be asked the right way.

 Roger & Elizabeth Gomoll

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